RULES, then sacrifice qualification, reputation, well-being and future.

RULES, then sacrifice qualification, reputation, well-being and future.

And I recommend Mr. Volodymyr Kovtunets to read my notes almost two years ago, in which I predicted the inability of universities to organize the educational process and gave relevant proposals at the time. Of course, you can still try to change something if there is a request for change. Otherwise, the current leadership of the Ministry of Education and Science should be removed.

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Abuse and hacking for profit is a universal form of certification of scientific personnel

S. Vovk: a generous auction for taxpayers

Author: Svetlana Blagodeteleva-Vovk, teacher.

If you think that the New Year holiday is over, you are wrong. I personally made sure of this yesterday at a meeting of the Certification Board of the Ministry of Education and Science. Members of the board acted as Santa Clauses and Santa Clauses, who give life annuities to the thirsty and willing, including swindlers, and Mr. Zgurovsky led the fabulous action.

In addition to the general vote, they approved the lists of 698 candidates of science and 115 doctors of science, for whose work there were no comments, and also approved the degrees of the persons we exposed in academic plagiarism:

Kachmar and Inanimate – doctorates in philosophy; Biletskaya and Pogassiy – Candidates of Philosophical Sciences; Grigorieva – legal sciences.

I will remind that on the last AK degrees 4 to representatives of philosophical sciences weren’t approved. Now the representatives of the expert council on philosophy (22 people) recovered from the surprise and stood up to defend corporate interests. I will give an example of argumentation in favor of the decision: which do not affect the content and novelty of this dissertation research.

In other words, Mona philosophers made an interdisciplinary breakthrough of global significance – separated the text from the content.

Grigorieva’s application was not properly considered, ie the expert council did not consider our application and did not see our arguments, and the decision on the "absence" of plagiarism was made by Mr. Rashkevich personally.

The fact of voting for Haliman’s candidacy degree was also an excess, as this name was not removed from the general list, although our application was received by the Ministry of top lab report writer Education and Science on May 10. Christoph – well done, tried.

According to Svitlana Arbuzova, the cases of falsifiers were considered separate acts of the play. Again, the board almost unanimously approved 2 decisions, the argument of which is the position "let’s be humane" and 2 – to send for examination. And before that, the "boys had fun", deciding for half an hour whether to approve Ms. Svetlana’s doctoral student on the basis of a statement about plagiarism from Ms. Komarentseva. There were rumors on the sidelines that "this is a showdown between two stupid women", who have long tired the respected men – the real representatives of the alpha males of higher primates.

I got the impression that the members of the board were simply enjoying the procrastination of the situation, because the woman’s place is "self-aware", and even more so she should close her mouth so as not to question their power under the sun.

What in the end? An auction of unprecedented generosity for taxpayers costs a couple of tens of thousands a month for only a few exposed plagiarists. Imagine if you check all 698 PhD and 115 PhD? Yes, somewhere two orders of magnitude larger amount, ie a couple of million hryvnias at least.

As the experiment showed, the AK is not able to support the NORM, demonstrating the failure of institutions and the impunity of those to whom they should be applied. Moreover, the collective form of decision-making erodes responsibility. Today, the abuse and hacking of the system for profit is a universal form of certification of scientific personnel.

And what to do?

1. Cancel surcharges.

2. Introduce management rotation and personal responsibility.

Finally, let me remind you that any gift is accompanied by a sacrifice. And when it is not done according to the RULES, then the qualification, reputation, well-being and future are sacrificed.

P.S.: Plus to "what to do": a special method – exposure. Many exposures are good and different. Please join the resistance. Every budget penny will be in the throat and burn unbearably every scammer and their patrons.

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The introductory campaign demonstrated that the public procurement system was not fulfilling its task

Svetlana Vovk: the state order system has gone bankrupt

Author: Svetlana Vovk, teacher.

The current induction campaign has shown that the system of state procurement of training with higher education has gone bankrupt. It has not performed its task for a long time because:

1) is inherited from the long-vanished state system and its characteristic redistribution of resources;

2) does not meet the qualifications demanded in the current society and the prospects for changing the structure of the economy;

3) is the basis for supporting various toxic networks, corrupt people who corrupt and root unproductive behavioral patterns and anomie in society.

The annual micro-changes generated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine do not improve in any way, but only worsen the situation. Agree that it is absurd to place a state order for a specialist who, as an entrant, has exceeded the thresholds for the level of knowledge that is considered minimal. It is obvious that we are dealing with the misuse of scarce public funds, as such a future specialist has already lost, or had no motivation to study.

But at the same time and for a long time there was a problem of preserving the potential of higher education, zorkema, in the regions.

Naturally, the reduction of funding has led to a catastrophic situation with the provision of teachers and a covert but terrible process of their mass dismissal.

What to do in this situation?

First, it is worth starting a public discussion on the need to change the public procurement system. I believe that we should talk about a new system of financing higher education in general, in which public procurement is only part of the state financing of the needs of ensuring the development of higher education. Such a discussion should start with the involvement of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and other CEBs – MoD, MoH, MI, and others, as well as the @ Committee on Science and Education to create the necessary legislation and regulations.

It is the leading CEBs that should be entrusted with the task of assessing the level of provision of specialists at present and their future needs. The current Methodology for making a medium-term forecast of the need for specialists and workers in the labor market should be revised, as during the five years of its application the situation on the labor market has not improved in terms of employment of people with higher education. For the text of the methodology, see here…

In addition, the data of this forecast should be as accessible as possible to the public, ie made public, and not as it is now – submitted only to CEBs, regional state administrations and scientific institutions by list, or by requests for information (see , for example, https: // dostup.…/res…/49656/attach/7/2016.pdf).

Secondly, it is necessary to make an inventory of the resources available to the higher education system, in particular human resources and property in the form of appropriate registers.

Third, it is worth highlighting several objects of funding, in particular:

1) obtaining qualifications by citizens, ie own state order;

2) support and development of infrastructure, ie financing of universities, in particular regional ones;

3) preservation and development of human resources in the form of monetary compensation and social guarantees for teachers.

Thus, you can try to solve several problems:

1) stimulating motivation to learn;

2) preservation of regional universities;

3) mitigation of the effects of reduced demand for teachers.

At the same time, I support Iryna Yegorchenko’s proposal to introduce study grants that fully or partially offset its cost.

Regarding the preservation of regional universities, strategic documents (plans) should be developed and adopted, which define and establish priorities and conditions of state support with clear goals, objectives, qualitative and quantitative indicators and other criteria.

The problem of unclaimed and unemployment of teachers in critical specialties for the structure of the economy can also be solved by providing scholarships / compensation for a kind of "downtime". It can be used for advanced training, writing educational literature, creating video courses and other productive areas.

In addition, given the large volume of real estate owned by universities, it is advisable to use it to improve the living conditions of teachers and researchers, as well as to create innovation centers based on them.

In general, any available budget resource can be used more efficiently than it is now.

To do this, it is necessary to change the priorities, criteria and framework of funding in accordance with the real situation in the country, as well as through the introduction of a system of control and financial management.

It’s been a long time.

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Any news of the Ukrainian educational front is about some totally imitative substance

E. Nikolaev: education is an imitation substance

Author: Evgeny Nikolaev, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Lecturer at Kyiv National Economic University.

My Facebook feed is "educational". Recently, there is a growing impression that any news of the Ukrainian educational front is about some totally imitation substance.

Top 200 streamlining establishments that are all far behind the top 1000 in the world. How to give modern meaning to Ukrainian secondary education with today’s teachers, who en masse do not even understand the deep viciousness of the format of work in which they are forced to work. Awards to those who disgrace education and science.